That’s My Bed

In the Cheney Household, we recently upgraded from a crib to a toddler bed for Hannah.  Somewhere in the mix, Hannah forgot that the purpose of a crib or toddler bed was to sleep in it.  It seems that she considers sleeping in our room as the best thing going.  Honestly, the only time she uses her bed is at night, when I read her a bedtime story, and then she gets up and goes to our bed. 

Last night, Hannah and I went to her room for the bedtime story and she was a little upset.  Sonya had made Hannah’s bed and placed one of her baby dolls up by the pillows.  Hannah grabs the doll by the hair, throws her off the bed and proceeds to say, “Hey, that’s my bed, get off of here!”  Talk about territorial!

I wonder how many times that is our way of doing church.  As pastors we are guilty of saying, “That’s my neighborhood, that’s my church, that’s my people.”  We as pastors are often territorial!  As congregants, are we guilty of similar attitudes.  “That’s my seat, that’s my class, that’s my job.”

I am thankful for our church and the wonderful people who serve and worship together.  My prayer is that we will continue to be welcoming and fulfilling God’s heart for our church and community.  As pastors, we must guard ourselves from being more concerned with our church than God’s Kingdom.  We must work together to reach people for Christ!

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