Anger and Bitterness

This weekend we will conclude our hostage series.  We have looked many of the things that hold us captive in our lives.  I believe it has been a transforming series for many.

Last Sunday we talked about being held hostage by anger.  We looked at the things that make us angry:

1.  Impatience (Short Fuse)
2.  Bitterness
3.  Jealousy and Envy

We then looked at how to overcome anger:

Ask God for patience
Never speak rashly
Give time to cool down
Emulate Christ
Recite the Word of God

These things are sure ways to overcome our angry reactions and outbursts.

This coming Sunday we will be sharing about the topic of Bitterness and Revenge.  It will be a look at the root of bitterness and how to be set free from this captivity.  Don’t miss it!

2 thoughts on “Anger and Bitterness

  1. Danny! I missed last Sunday’s message could you get me a CD copy of it? Thanks
    Cuz i sure could use the overcomeing Anger one!!

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