What Do You Pray About?

What Do You Pray About?

Forgive me for getting so personal but let’s evaluate what our prayers consist of. Are they full of me’s and I’s? “God do this for me…God do that for me…I want you to give me…”

Our prayers are often self-centered with little concern for others. The truth is, however, that it is not all about us. God is looking for people to be concerned about kingdom things. Concerned about His agenda for the world.

Psalm 2:8, “Ask of Me, and I will give the nations to you, the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession.”

This is a prayer with God’s Kingdom in mind. “Lord, Give Us The Nations!” Our prayers should also have a focus on seeing people come to Christ. For the Gospel to be brought to every nation and that we would be instrumental in reaching the world for Christ.

This doesn’t mean that we should never pray for our own needs but rather our focus should be on more than just our needs. God wants to do things for His people, but I think we could have a lot more of what He wants not just what we want. God desires to give us the nations. The reason we have to pray for it is that it shows our concern for the nations when we pray.

When is the last time you asked God to give us this city? When is the last time you asked God to give you an opportunity to share His love with someone else?

One pastor told his congregation — "Many of our prayer requests are for the sick rather than for the lost. We are more interested in keeping the saints out of heaven than we are the sinners out of hell."  What A Thought!!!

There is nothing wrong with praying for your needs, but we must balance that with praying for others as well.  We must pray for the lost, our community, our nation and world.  God works through prayer. 

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