I love my day off on Monday!  For many years I have had a hard time taking days off.  I would always feel stressed, knowing I was going to be off because I felt like I had too much to do.  Then I realized how important it is to have a time of disconnect, a time of refreshing, and now I get more done because I am more rested.

Yesterday, we took a road trip.  First to Huntsville, Arkansas for lunch and to check out Withrow Springs State Park.  We found this little cafe called Granny’s and it was incredible.  They had great burgers and homemade pie.  It was heaven on earth!

We left there and drove up to Roaring River Sate Park, which has become one of my favorite places.  Roaring River is in Southern Missouri not too far from the Arkansas border.  It is a place of beauty and rest.  We enjoyed the fish hatchery again and spent some time at the park.  But the best part of the day was spent on the banks of the river.  We found a place down the bank where we could put our chairs and find solitude.

It was quiet except for the roaring of the river.  To me, there is nothing as peaceful in nature as the rolling of water.  You could sense and feel the peace of God.

Everywhere we have lived, I have always had a place of solitude.  In Jacksonville, there was a stream behind the church that I would walk down to and find solitude.  In Nederland, there was a park bench alongside the ship channel that I would frequent and watch the ships go by while I contemplated.  Now, it is this little place in Southern Missouri that I find refuge. 

In the world we live today, there is few places to disconnect.  We are always connected to the internet, or cell phones, the hustle and bustle of life.  There is a need for solitude, aloneness in the quietness of God’s presence.  Jesus found a place to pray and talk to His Father, we must do the same. 

Where is your place of solitude?  Where can you go to disconnect for a while and find refreshing?

2 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. It may sound strange to you, but I find total peace when I come our church during the week-and there is no on around. There is just total silence and it simply feels wonderful to me. As I walk the halls, I get a relaxing feeling from the quiet and stillness. This is very special to me.

    • It doesn’t sound strange. The fact is, I miss that feeling. Because I work in the office all week, it becomes a work place for me. I remember the days when it was a place of refuge. I have been on a journey recently to look again at the sacredness of His house. While God’s House will always be sacred and holy to me, I am making sure that it doesn’t become just a work place, but a place where God works with me.

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