The Youth Won

I guess I ought to let it be known now so it will be less painful tomorrow; the youth won.  The youth challenged the adults to a softball game and they won.  We had a great time playing even though it was 98 degrees outside.  It made think of my native Texas weather.  It was hot!

We had a good game, good fellowship and good food!  It made for a wonderful day. 

I do know, that the older I get the harder it is to play sports.  I am more out of shape than I used to be, 15 years ago, and I am not nearly as sharp as I used to be.  Yes, that is my excuse for making two costly errors for my team.  (I thought about saying the sun was in my eyes, but people might think I was making excuses.)  When I get out and play with the youth, I begin to feel my age. 

All in all, it was a great time with the church family.  It is awesome that we can all get out and have a good time together.  That is how we build closer relationships and that helps make a great church.

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