“A typical Goldfish is less than five inches and often three inches or less. Here is what I learned recently; A goldfish will grow to size of it’s environment. If you put it in a small bowl, it will be a small goldfish…if you put it a river it will grow and grow.

It’s the same principle in your organization…small vision and small environment equals small results. I am learning most people are content with a small everything except a small paycheck. Expand your vision and environment so that your organization can grow.

Just a few questions of examination:

1) What projects are you working on right now? How big are you planning for?
2) Does your environment allow for small goldfish or large?
3) How big is your personal aquarium?
4) What will it take to increase your personal and professional fish tank?

Don’t settle…increase your everything for growth, expansion, development, escalation and progression.”            HT: Shannon O’Dell

How are we doing as a church and in our ministries?  Are we content with the small fishbowl or are we willing to swim in the river?  We must be minded for the pursuit of a larger purpose.  Our goal is to reach more people for Christ and impact Northwest Arkansas for Jesus.  We must get outside of our fishbowl and reach those around us.

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