Father’s Day

Father’s Day is one of those holidays that has its good side and bad side.  It is a day that we honor fathers and their role in the life of the family.  The father’s role cannot be overestimated.  It is important!

There is however, a downside to Father’s day.  Memories.  This is one of those holidays that pulls up the emotions of the past.  Many people miss their dads, who have passed away.  They wish they could be here to celebrate another Father’s day.  Others have memories of a harsh childhood, mingled with abuse or a lack of fatherly love.  While there are others who did not know their father or remembering that he had little part of their lives.  Like I said, Father’s day is not always an easy day!

To be honest, Father’s day is the hardest sermon for me to decide what I preach.  Should I talk about the role of dads?  What should I say?  There are many times that I almost decide not to even discuss this topic on Father’s day because of the hard memories others have.  We talk about how to be a good dad, but there are so many in the pew that have some pain associated with Father’s day.  I am mindful of the men, who sit on the pew of the church who have tried to be dads only to find their kids turn their back on them or to have little to do with them.  Many have children but have had little chance to rear them because of circumstances.  There are dads who desire to build a relationship with their kids only to be pushed away. 

My prayer today is that these men will find the strength of God and His abundant peace.  I also pray that God will soften the heart of the children and that relationships will be restored.  May God help everyone who has a difficult time on Father’s day to find peace, restoration and love.

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