The Challenge of Fatherhood

There is alot of talk these days about absent fathers, homes wrecked by divorce and dads who do not care.  Certainly those are issues that are problems today, however, I believe there are alot of us dads who are doing our best to be “good” dads. 

The good thing is there is a great deal of resources to help us become successful fathers.  There are an endless amount of books, cd’s, podcasts, radio shows and internet helps to get us to become better dads.  But even with all of that, dads often feel helpless when it comes to “successful” parenting.

We are told to be patient, but we still blow it from time to time.  We are taught to be firm, but often we are too soft. (Which I am the failing more at this now that I have a beautiful little girl)  We are instructed to spend more time with our kids, but our work demands more and more from us.  We know we are to be loving, but for some reason we feel like we fall short in that area.

Within the heart of man is the desire to achieve, the desire to be the best we can be.  At home, at work, at church and everywhere else we go.  Our desire is to be the best, BUT at the end of the day we often feel like we don’t cut it.  I know how often a dad feels a sense of guilt when he believes he has let his kids down. 

As I have been preparing for a Father’s day message, I have wondered how many dads wish they could attain all the things they are taught.  I wonder how many dads feel like failures even though they would never admit it.  Fatherhood is challenging to say the least.  Dad, do your best!  When you make mistakes, move on.  Try your hardest, but always remember you are only human.  Love your family, spend time with them, provide for them but don’t be too hard on yourself.  Kids are often very forgiving, even when we blow it.

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