3 Types of Dads

It is Father’s Day week so I decided to post an interesting assessment of the different types of dads.  I have been thinking more lately about how I can be more effective as a father as well as more intentional in shaping the lives of Josh and Hannah.  Dads must play a major part in the spiritual development of their kids.

“Three Types of Dads by Robert Lewis:

ABSENT dads are invisible and are only shadows in a boy’s life.

INVOLVED dads participate in their son’s lives but without a plan. This kind of dad is often vision-less or shapeless. He has overlooked investing a core of clear, masculine directives into his son’s life which are vital to his success.

STRATEGIC dads have a well thought out plan and vision. They understand the true sense of masculinity and know how to deposit it in their son’s life.

Which one are you?”     HT: Braxton Brady (Strategic Dad blog)

2 thoughts on “3 Types of Dads

  1. I’m glad I was the 5th and last child of my dad. He was 51 when I was born. We spent a lot of time together fishing in ditches with a little water. It was so much fun I didn’t know there was no hook on the line or fish in the ditch. But we were doing something together. He would even hid under a boat dock and hook the same 2 fishes on my niece and I’s pole for hours. My dad was great, he lived to be 88, and we had some good times together.

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