Answered Prayers

prayerSo often we pray for years for something and never see results.  We become tempted to believe that God isn’t listening or doesn’t care or that He is not going to answer.  Sometimes we have to wait.  His timing and ways are not always ours.

Sonya and I have been praying for her brother for over 18 years.  We have prayed for his salvation and deliverance from alcohol.  He was hard-core for all these years.  There were times we thought he would never change.  We continued to believe that,  until about a month ago, when Sonya got a call from him.  He gave his heart to Christ.  Circumstances in his life caused him to turn to Christ.  He is now serving the Lord and is completely delivered from alcohol.  In fact, Friday, he told me  that he has been dry for exactly 30 days. 

Yesterday, Brock was baptized at New Vision Church of the Nazarene in San Antonio.  You can see the video here.  Watch the one from June 14th “Godly Living”.  His baptism is about 4 to 5 minutes in.  What an awesome God we serve!

There is hope for your lost loved ones.  They can come home.  Do not quit praying!  The answer may be just around the corner.

3 thoughts on “Answered Prayers

  1. You have no idea what encouragement this gives me. We all seem to get the feeling-“Lord, I’ve been praying about this for years and nothing happens.” I am so happy for you all, for him, and for the fact that God’s time is the right time-we just need to accept his timing. Thanks for the boost. I will continue my long term praying with renewed faith. Bill Streepy

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