Bible Reading Plan

I have been re-adjusting my Scripture reading time and I am taking a new approach to maximize my daily intake of the Word of God.  It takes me a little longer but it enables me to glean from more sections of the Bible daily.

I have broken down the sections of the Bible and now read one chapter a day from each section.

1 chapter from the Pentateuch (Genesis through Deuteronomy – The Law)

1 chapter from the History Books (Joshua through Esther)

1 chapter from the Poetic Books (Job through Song of Solomon)

1 chapter from the Prophets (Isaiah through Malachi)

1 chapter from the Gospels and Acts (Matthew through Acts)

1 chapter from the Epistles (Romans through Revelation)

Doing this has helped me digest more Scripture daily and read through the Bible a little quicker.

You can download a copy of the reading plan here.  Just check of the box of the chapters you read when you get done.  This chart helps you keep up with your progress.

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