Caulk and Grace

We have been doing some remodeling around the church, which is always fun.  The carpet was laid in my office Friday so I worked Friday evening and Saturday laying the trim.  I am by no means a carpenter.  I repeat, I am by no means carpenter.  I can put down trim and “make” it fit.  When I work by myself, no one will ever know how many missed cuts I have made, nor will they notice (hopefully) how bad I really am at this woodworking thing.  I have been reminded on occasion that I should stick to preaching. 

Nonetheless, I laid trim in my office.  I am not sure if the walls are not square or if I do not know how to cut, but when I get to a corner, it doesn’t always match up good.  This is why the Bible says that Caulk will cover a multitude of sins.  Maybe that is the Danny Cheney version.  Caulk covers the imperfections.  It hides the bad cuts.  It is alot like grace.

In our Christian lives, we often make bad cuts or have imperfections that need a good cover-up.  We mess up, we do things wrong, we make mistakes and it is awesome that God is a God of grace.  The Bible says, “Where sin does abound, grace does much more abound.”  Grace is the cover-up for our shortcomings. 

Now, we should always try to do better and do things the right way but when we fail, Grace is there to cover us.  I John 2 tells us that God has given us His word so that we might not sin, but if we do sin, there is an Advocate, Jesus Christ the Righteous.  What an awesome thought!  We are to do our best to live right, but if we fall short, there is one who forgives us.

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