I have been reading through the book of Joshua and am intrigued by the story of Israel’s crossing the Jordan river.  God told them to cross the Jordan.  He commanded them to set the priests and the Ark of the Covenant at the front and when the priests stepped in the water, it would roll back.  The priests obeyed and God responded by parting the Jordan as He had done with the Red Sea.

After Israel crossed, Joshua commanded the heads of the 12 tribes to get a stone and stack them in the midst of the Jordan, to be a monument of God’s miraculous provision.  Since the Jordan overran its banks for 2 months of the year, the Israelites could only see  the monument when the water was low or when the rain was withheld.  The water was at a lower level for ten months of the year, which allowed this monument to be visible.

The intention of this monument was to remind Israel of God’s power over nature and over their enemies.  This was in place so the fathers of Israel could show the monument to their children and they could re-tell the story of God’s provision. 

In our lives  there are things that God has done for us that we should build some monuments for.  Salvation, healing, miracles, being filled with the Spirit and many other things are momentous occasions in our lives.  It is those monuments that we build that allow us to tell others of God and His power.  It is these things that we look to and remember when the rain seems to stop and drought enters our lives.  The monuments become visible and we can cling to those things to help get us through until the rainy season.

Are there any monuments you can build in your lives?  Or is there one of these that you are clinging to while you are going through the drought?

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