Wilderness Safari, Gentry, Arkansas

Today on our day off we drove to Gentry, Arkansas to the Wilderness Drive-thru Safari.  It was a great surprise!  I have been to a few of these types of safaris that brag about all these exotic animals, but I usually leave disappointed.  Not so with this one.  It was the best Safari I have seen.  It had hundreds of exotic animals that could be seen through a four mile drive thru on their property that sprawled through the beautiful country of Northwest Arkansas.  The animals were out in the open where you could actually see them (unlike the zoo).  The park had a petting zoo that had many types of animals including, turkeys, kangaroos, zebras and prairie dogs.

There was a pony ride for Hannah.  The first time we went to the pony ride it was only $3.00.  As we were walking through one of the workers invited us to help ourselves to ride the pony (horse) as much as we wanted at no charge.  We had a picnic while there.  We brought our own food, but their concession stand was very reasonably priced.  By far, going to this safari allowed us to have fun as a family without breaking the bank.  It was well worth every penny.

You can check out the safari here.






















6 thoughts on “Wilderness Safari, Gentry, Arkansas

  1. It’s sad that I have lived here for 30 years now and have never been to the Gentry Wildernerss Safari Park. Thanks for the pictures. It looks as if Hannah had a good time!

  2. You are going to have to quit showing such neat and pretty places. It is making me want to come
    visit more and more. I know you will leave on vacation if I decide to come. Anyway I love the
    picture of Hannah on the horse, I bet you she enjoyed it.The 4th picture down of you is pretty good to.
    Sonya right aboue you laying in the grass looks just a dear (deer) as she is. But the best one is of
    Josh swing in the tire. Everyone in Katy said Hi to all of you.

    • I don’t know if you noticed but that was a monkey in the tire not Josh! As for your vacation, come on up, I will stay long enough to hand you the key:) Hannah loved the horse ride as well as the monkey (I mean Josh).

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