Hannah’s Balloon

While Sonya and I were at District Council this week, my parents kept Josh and Hannah.  My dad has been looking for a new pistol so he took the kids to the armory in Springdale.  Josh said they had thousands of guns to look at and there was a lot of people shopping there.  At some point during the shopping trip, one of the workers gave Hannah a balloon.  A balloon in a gun shop, mind you. (I guess they were trying the kid friendly gun shop approach). Now, let me remind you that a gun shop carries ammunition and weapons; things that make loud noises when they fire.  Do you see where I am headed with this?

As my parents are walking around with Hannah, she steps on the balloon and it pops.  POW!  Josh said at once everyone jerked around, startled, to look because they thought somebody had shot a gun in the store.  Leave it to Hannah, that’s my girl:)

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