Last night at our District Council service, General Superintendent George O. Wood made a profound statement about relationships.  “It is easier to burn a bridge than to build one.”Bridge

This is applicable to all of our relationships.  We have a decision to make as to how we will handle conflict and hurt.  Will we burn the bridge, forsake the relationship and cut that person off from our life?  Or will we build a bridge to that person, make amends and try to forgive, mend and heal?

Too often, we take the easy road.  Burn the bridge and make sure that we never get hurt again.  Although that never truly heals the hurt.  It only suppresses it and “makes us feel better” that we have cut them off.  The hard road is to face the pain and the person who caused it or at least resolve in our heart that we are going to extend the hand and be willing to meet in the middle.

Many relationships end because we fail to think it is important enough to save.  We often walk away feeling like life is better off without that person in our life.  We must, however, see things the way God would want.  Jesus reached out to Judas, even though his heart was bent to betray Christ.  Jesus ministered to Peter, even after Peter betrayed Him three times.  Christ, loved us and died for us, while we were yet sinners.  We were the enemies of God but He built a bridge in the form of the Cross to reconcile our relationship.

Who is it in your life that we need to build a bridge to?

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