James The Just

We have been kicking back a little today before District Council service tonight.  I am reading Foxe’s Book of Martyrs again this week.  I am simply in awe of the people who have laid down their lives for Christ.  Their martyrdom was  only a shadow compared to their life.

I was moved by the recounting of the life of James the Just, the first pastor of the church in Jerusalem.  The book says about James, “He used to enter into the temple alone, and there fall upon his knees, ask remission for the people; so that his knees, by oft kneeling (for worshipping God, and craving forgiveness for the people), lost the sense of feeling, being benumbed and hardened like the knees of a camel.  He was for the excellency of his just life, called ‘The just’ and, ‘The safeguard of the people’.”

What a man!  To have that as a testimony still alive 1900 years later speaks of a life that was lived for the glory of God.  I am convicted of such a life.  How often am I found on my knees interceding for the forgiveness of man?  Could I be called a safeguard of the people?  What about you?

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