Super Mom

On mother’s day I am thankful for my mom.  Without her, I wouldn’t be here!  I am thankful that I was raised in church and learned of Christ’s love for me.  Happy Mother’s Day, mom!

I am also thankful for Sonya, who is Super Mom.  When she leaves for a couple of hours and I am with the kids (namely, Hannah), I realize how much Sonya does.  She is my hero!  She is a pastor’s wife, serves in ministry, home-schools our 15 years old son and chases after our 2 year old.  She is able to keep the house clean, bills paid, groceries stocked, dinner cooked. She is able to leap tall buildings with a single bound and stop a bullet with her teeth.  Okay, I am getting a little carried away. 

She does a tremendous job raising her family and I am blessed to have her as the mother of my children.  I love you, Cheney (BTW: that’s what we call each other)!

7 thoughts on “Super Mom

  1. You know I have decided over my many years that God gives the right woman to every man not the other way around. I have said that for a long time. I know God gave me to my husband. God knew what you would need and just how much you would whine (complain) just in case you didn’t know that word. I probably could not have put up with you, (not being mean) or some other men, but I knew
    what to do with mine and what would keep him straight. A women according to the Lord is a “good
    thing”. Way to go Sonya. I think he found a GOOD THING. Happy Mothers day a day late.

    • The Bible says, “A little whine is good for the stomach.” Sonya is a gift from God, but I believe she is fortunate to have found me. I think the truth of this whole comment you made is the fact, that Raplh was the only one who would put up with you.

  2. No where in the bible does it say anything about a woman finding a good man. Because God cannot lie, he knew there would be no good men. Anyway we have to love you men because no one else will.

    You need to quit reading all the books and start really searching scriptures for the truth. LOL

    Love Ya anyway and praying God will reveal the real truth to you very soon.

    • The truth has been revealed the same writer who spoke about finding a good woman wrote these words, “Better to dwell on the housetop than in the house with a contentious woman.” I guess Ralph spent alot of time on the roof:)

  3. You only make such insane comments because you know he cannot defend me. One day I will pull
    him by his ears (oops I mean by his lapels) introduce him to you and let him tell you the truth. But
    at least when you are mean and inconsiderate to me you are leaving everyone else alone. See I
    guess God is good, so good, to give me to you to keep you straight. One day you will see everything I have done and tried to do to keep you in the right place.

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