Brown Sandals – Sonya Cheney

Since Danny has writers block I am going to try to pick up some slack for him. Maybe  he has writers block because God wants me to share this story with you. It may seem little to you but this is big for me. About a month ago I noticed these cute brown sandals that I knew Hannah would have to have. (Any mother who has a daughter can understand this kind of thing.) So when I would see them in the stores I would look for the size she needed, which was a 7. After much searching (for at least a month) nobody had a size 7! No where! For the past month I have searched in stores all over Northwest Arkansas but no 7. There were plenty of 6’s and 8’s but no 7. I finally then decided I P5060018could surely find them somewhere on the internet. Would you believe, I still could not find them! But these were the sandals Hannah needed! I had to have them for all her cute outfits with brown in them. In much desperation I then included my Mother-n-Law in on the search for these brown sandals. After looking in stores all over Houston, TX she did not prevail either. Thankfully my mother-n-law understands these things. But I still came up empty handed or I should say footed! Now let me tell you the exciting part. We were out shopping the other day at Kohl’s in Fayetteville when at the last minute I decided before going out the store to check the shoe Department one more time. I had already been there lots of times in the past month but I thought you know maybe somehow they would be on the shelf.

Danny was a trooper and ventured with me. While standing there not seeing a pair of them sandals in her size this lady and her daughter come up to look at the sandals. I was sooo disappointed! No brown sandals in a size 7 so I was sharing my frustration with Danny when the lady beside me over heard my concerns. She says, “ are you looking for these sandals in a size 7?” If she only knew how much I had searched for them! She continued, “ Well I have a size 7 right here in this bag that I am returning because my daughter needs an 8.” I had to try to control my happiness and excitement so she would not think I was a loon! I told her I would be right behind her to buy them! I was so happy. What were the chances of that happening! That, a lady would be bringing back a pair of those brown sandals in Hannah’s size 7! And that we would be there at the same exact time! She told me, “I almost did not even come to Kohls. But for some reason at the last minute I decided to go ahead and exchange them.”

Well, It was no mystery to me, I knew who made her pull into Kohl’s. It was God! He knew I wanted them brown sandals for Hannah. Maybe only I can understand my feelings about all this but it says to me God cares about all the small things in our lives. Now I would never have prayed and asked God to help me find them sandals. There are many more matters that are worth far more to pray for, like all the lost souls going to hell and real needs people have. But to me it was God’s way of saying I know what your desires are and I know where you are at and I care about the smallest things in your life! It’s those moments that are sweet in our walk with the Lord. Now I can rest! Hannah’s brown outfits will be complete.

5 thoughts on “Brown Sandals – Sonya Cheney

  1. I would really like a picture in the brown dress and
    sandals. It is really something when even the fact
    that there are thousands of pairs of shoes, but just
    because you wanted those, God worked it out in
    his own way.I think we should tell about these little things. Maybe they would mean more to some sceptics than a huge miracle. Its just like my house, when I quite trying God stepped in and
    finished. By the way tell Bro. Danny I could write
    a blog for him if he needs. Love Ya’ll

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