Swine Flu

I have an honest and curious question this morning if anyone can help answer it.  You know I often write “tongue in cheek”, but this is an real question for a serious problem. 

I heard this morning that we are not to call the swine flu, swine flu anymore because it is not caused by pigs.  This revelation comes after Egypt ordered 300,000 pigs slaughtered. Hence my question, “If swine flu is not caused by pigs, then why was it called swine flu in the first place?”

Somebody please help my understanding. If you have an answer, please leave it in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Swine Flu

  1. because they said part of the strain of it was like the pig upper respatory virus and some of it is like the regular flu in humans, so they first started calling it, Swine flu, but then they changed it to H1N1 or something like that!
    and now they are saying that it isn’t as strong as they thought, well I got to say to that is I wish they would quit scareing people until they know all the facts.
    But thats the Government for you!!
    PS.. Well mom and i had a close call tonight, a lightning bolt hit the house and knocked the pictures off in moms room and Fried her TV. And she was in her room and on her bed when the bolt hit!! That was scary!!
    But before this happend mom had just said to me that she felt that God was telling her something, and then BOOM!! the lightning hit!! WOW!! What do you think about that one?

    • Nancy,
      Do you think it could really be that? I have never known America to worry about such things:) I thought maybe PETA was getting onto the government about all the pigs getting their feelings hurt over getting the blame.

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