The Great Steak

We fired up the grill tonight and cooked some supreme Club steaks.  Club steak is the cut of meet close to the T-bone and makes for a tender and great tasting beef.  We put together an incredible mixture of seasonings and the steak melted in our mouths.  I will share the mixture with you because I know everyone looks for the perfect blend of seasoning for their steak.  Just mail me a check for $19.95 for the recipe:)

First, I pour some Soy sauce on the steak and rub it in.  I put Soy on the first side then season that same side, turn it over and put more soy, rub it in and put the seasoning on that side.  I only let the steak stay in the soy sauce for 15 minutes before cooking it.  If you leave it too long it could make the meat a little tougher.

LABELANISecond, season with Cavender’s Greek Seasoning found at Wal-mart near the spices.   Make sure it is the Cavender in the yellow container.  I cover all of the meat with Cavender’s and rub it in.  Again, do the first side and after it is fully seasoned then do the other side.

The next part is optional.  Just Soy sauce and Cavender’s creates a good steak but I tried something new tonight that tasted great!

After the Cavender’s lightly sprinkle garlic power and onion powder.  The key is lightly!  Cavender’s has these already so do not go overboard or it will effect the taste and create after-dinner garlic breath:)

When done with that, I put Cracked Black Pepper on the steak.  Crush the pepper moderately.  Cracked Black Pepper is different from Ground Black Pepper.  You may have to go to the spice aisle and find the container of Cracked Black Pepper.

Put your seasonings on both sides and grill.  The best flavor comes by cooking your meat medium rare to medium.  If you cook it too long it cooks out the flavor (that is my opinion).  Sonya requires me to cook hers until it looks like charcoal and beef jerky.  I would rather eat vegetables than eat a steak that way:)

Hope you enjoy!

How do you prepare your steaks?  Leave a comment and let me know!

One thought on “The Great Steak

  1. I love to prepare my steaks by first driving to the Texas Road House, going in and being seated and ordering what I want. Because that way I do not have to clean up. I just get up and take my doggy bag home for lunch next day. But if I have
    to cook I just season them real good, lots of onion powder and garlic powder, I never thought of soy sauce will have to try that.

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