Roaring River State Park

Monday’s are family days at the Cheney house.  The weekend is always busy getting ready for Sunday so Monday is our Sabbath.  We took a journey to Roaring River State Park in Missouri (about 45 minutes from home).  It was a gorgeous day and the weather was perfect to spend outdoors. 

I had flashbacks of childhood as we went through Roaring River.  I was about 12 when we spent a week there with my family.  It was neat being there with my own family and seeing the same things I saw as a child.  We got a lot of great pictures of the beauty of this river park.












6 thoughts on “Roaring River State Park

  1. Pictures are great. The ones of Josh and Hannah are just alike. They are both squinting the same way. They are favoring more and more.
    Lets see some more of Sonja to.

    • They are presumably both like me. I assume you are meaning that not only are they beautiful children, but I am beautiful as well. As for pictures of Sonya, she always holds the camera. but if I get the chance to take a picture of her all I get is the palm of her hand. She treats me like the Papparazzi.

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