Getting Lost

After spending my whole life in Texas, I am still getting use to Arkansas.  One of the most difficult things to learn is the roads and highways.  If you veer off the interstate and have to go somewhere in the “sticks” beware, you may have a tough time finding it.

Today was our minister’s meeting in Morrow and I got lost.  There were few actual street signs that told where I was supposed to turn.  My directions said, "turn at Hale Mtn Road”.  Easy enough, right?  Easy enough unless there is not a sign that says Hale Mtn Road.  I was lost in the back woods, but the beauty of the area made up for it.

In fact, I found me a great fishing hole and got a couple of good pics of some creeks (pronounced cricks in Arkansas).


IMG00116 Often getting lost is frustrating but sometimes it can lead to something quite beautiful.  I have been out of God’s will in my life before.  I took the wrong turn and went my own way.  God had intended something else for me, but I chose a different route.  It was a very difficult time in my life because I was miserable out of God’s will.  In the midst of that trying season, though, I built relationships with wonderful people that truly blessed my life.  I still value their friendships and know that even though I might have made a wrong turn, God still allowed the beauty to come out.

Many times, we take the wrong path and feel that we will never get back to the main road.  I encourage you though, to look at the surroundings, learn the lessons God teaches you in those seasons and cherish the beauty in the midst of your lost direction.


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