He Lives!

Imagine being a disciple of Christ and grieving over the loss of a man who had spent three years pouring into your life. When we lose someone close, we visit their grave out of respect as well as seeking comfort, as if we can be close to them again. We miss them when they are gone.

The disciples of Jesus visited His grave to pay homage to their teacher and friend. Imagine the shock to find the stone rolled away and the body missing. What an atrocious act, someone had stolen the body. The Master had disappeared!

“Where has Jesus gone? Where is His body? We thought for sure He would still be here,” His disciples cried within

God sent the angels to the followers of Christ to give them comfort that the Jesus they are looking for is not missing but alive. He is not dead, He is risen! Jesus was raised from the dead.

This Savior who was buried after a horrific death is now alive and well. You and I serve a risen Savior who has the ability to give us life and share His life with us. His disciples had forgotten that He had told them that He would raise again. In essence they really didn’t believe it with all of their heart that He could actually raise from the dead.

Friend, you and I can believe without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is alive and He is living within the hearts of men and women today. Happy Easter!

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