The Grave, A Tomb, The Place of The Dead
This is the final place Jesus laid His head

Beaten, bruised, mocked and shamed
The crowds screamed, mocking His name

Peering over the crowd of Golgotha’s Hill
The pain unbearable, to pay sin’s bill

The wages of sin is death, we were guilty sure
Wretched sinners, naked, blind and poor

But Jesus, gave it all, bled til He could bleed no more
They pierced Him in His body to open salvation’s door

The clouds became dark as the Father looked away
Jesus breathed His last, gave His life on that Dreadful day

They carried His limp body and placed Him in the tomb
They walked away, as they hung their heads in gloom

It’s over, it’s finished, certainly He is done
What on earth has become of God’s only Son?

Their doubts arise, uncertainty filled the air
The disciples had no answers, the world it did not care.

When suddenly the ground shook, the stone it rolled away
Hearts began to quake as their night turned into day

Jesus was alive, risen from the grave
He alone awoke, His intentions were to save

Resurrected, awakened, healed, He’s Alive
The Risen Savior in our hearts has come to abide

From the sin of this world, He alone can save
Our risen Lord, Jesus, has risen from the grave

-Danny Cheney-

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