Preparing For Holy Week

One Week To Live 04.05.09 Holy Week for the church is kind of like Football’s Division Title Games followed by the Super Bowl.  Our Super Bowl is Easter Sunday and we are working to build up to that important service.

This morning I am finishing up my Palm Sunday message, “One Week To Live”.  Looking at Christ’s Triumphal Entry with the thought that He only has one week to live.  It reveals the passion of Christ’s heart and sets up His desired end to the Cross and Resurrection.

I just finished my message to be delivered to the Rogers Ministerial Alliance service on Monday.  I have the privilege of sharing God’s Word with the area churches for one of the Holy Week services.  I was given the topic, “The Day of Authority.”  I guess the new guy has to take the hardest of all topics to deliver nicely to all denominations.  The key text is where Jesus drives out the money changers of the temple and calls them thieves.  Sure sounds like a fun topic for a ministerial alliance sermon, huh? 🙂

By the time I finished studying this important passage, it actually reveals God’s heart for His house…to be a house of prayer, healing and joy.  Something that every church and denomination should strive to be.

I encourage you to join us for our Holy Week Services…Beginning here at RFA on Sunday 10:30am.

The ministerial alliance services will be at Rogers Oakley Chapel daily next week from 12:15-12:45pm.

See you there!

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