The longer I serve the Lord, the more I can look back and see the seasons of my Christians life.  Some have been springtime and many winters have I endured.  All in all, God has used the different seasons of life to help me grow and to certainly stretch me in my walk with Him.  It would help every Christian to recognize seasons in life and use them for spiritual maturity.  By no means should we give up in the winter seasons.  Spring is coming!

Craig Groeschel wrote an insightful article on seasons that puts them into proper perspective.  You will probably recognize the traits of winter.

“Every planet on the solar system has seasons. On Venus, seasons are very short. On Uranus, a season can last for 20 years.

You might feel like you are in a prolonged winter. And you might be correct.

  • You are praying with few answered prayers.
  • You’re witnessing and seeing few conversions.
  • You’re laboring tirelessly and seeing minimal results.

If you’re in winter and waiting for spring, remember God is working in winter too. During the cold months, the tree and plant roots grow deeper and stronger. In this season, God is often doing an unseen work preparing His creation for spring. He does more internally than externally.

It is helpful to remember, you can’t have spring without winter.”

HT: Swerve Blog

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