bgmc-buddy Sunday we recognized the importance of BGMC.  BGMC is the missions ministry of the Assembly of God Children’s Department.  Many local churches, including ours, collect change for missionaries around the world.  Most of this money is raised by our children.  They collect change from anywhere they can find, including people’s pockets:) 

In our Sunday service we had a contest between boys and girls to see who brought the most change.  I think it was rigged but the girls beat the boys by almost double the change.  There were some church members shaking people down for money that would go to the girls, so the win may not be all that legit.  However, the real winner are the missionaries.  (and congratulations to the girls for beating the socks off the boys)

In all, the change and some bills, totaled $350.65.  Praise The Lord and great job kids!

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