Van Winkle Trail

Sunday afternoon, we took a hike at the Van Winkle trail in the Hobbs Conservation Area.  It is a short hike through the old Peter Van Winkle homesite dated back to the Civil War Era.  We were struck by the immense beauty and the natural springs and streams that run through this homestead.  We imagined having a home nestled there in the midst of God’s creation.











6 thoughts on “Van Winkle Trail

  1. Beautiful pictures, especially ones of Hannah and Josh, oops excuse me handsome pictures of Josh. Maybe when I come we can hike the same
    trail. With a lot of the beauty that we see hear, as the song says “I
    can only imagine ” the beauty of Heaven.

  2. Danny I was wandering if I might could give my story, on how I came to God! I have always wanted to tell my story to people!
    If you guys want me to meet with ya’ll first thats fine! Just let me know!

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