Changing Sweet-tarts

I am finally coming out with something that has been bothering me for years.  It has to do with candy.  I love candy.  But for the last five years the candy makers have made some changes that I am not happy about.  For some reason they thinking every body likes sour apple flavor.  Sour apple does not belong in a box with other flavored candies.  I am okay with sour apple Jolly Ranchers by themselves, but don’t mess with my box of Sweet Tarts.  I love Sweet Tarts!  This is one of my all-time favorite candies along with Skittles.  Both of these candy makers replaced the traditional beautifully flavored green candy with a sour apple flavor.  I am ticked off because of that.  I don’t want sour apple I want whatever the green flavor was before.  The problem is I love Sweet Tarts so I am not going to stop eating them because they throw in a sour apple.  I will just not eat that one.

There is a good change that Sweet Tarts has made though.  It is the blue sweet tart.  That is my favorite Sweet Tart.  I can over look the sour apple as long as the blue one is in there.  As a matter of fact, the blue ones are the ones that they have the least in the box, but I still like the blue ones.  In Sweet Tarts defense, they made a good decision in making the blue ones, even if I am not happy about the green change.  Some changes are good and some are bad.

To be honest, no body likes change.  I don’t like change…I like the familiar and you are probably the same way.  The truth is things must change.  There are some changes we like, some we don’t but we must overlook the ones we might not like and focus on the ones we do like. 

In the church world, change is a necessary part of preparing for the future.  I am not a proponent of just throwing away anything old.  I believe we can add to what has already been done.  However, there might be things that need to change because they aren’t working.  Even if we cannot see it.  For the future and building a church for the generations, we must allow God to lead us to the changes He feels necessary for our church.  We cannot focus on one thing (the sour apple) but on the whole picture of what God is doing and wants to do.

Thinking of the candy makers.  It wasn’t a conspiracy because they knew I didn’t like sour apple.  The truth is there are probably more people that like sour apple than don’t.  I am just picky with my candy.  I challenge you to evaluate things by the big picture not just the sour apples.

20 thoughts on “Changing Sweet-tarts

    • The problem with that is the color is the same it is the flavor that is different. Not to mention, I do not believe paint would be edible. especially lead paint which has been deemed highly toxic. I would have thought you guys would know that kind of stuff:) I appreciate the input, however, I need a solution for flavor not color. Keep trying!

  1. well you could take some sugar and some food color and dip it into it and then try it out that way instead of painting it!
    or just not eat the green ones at all!!
    just a suggestion!

    • In light of all the suggestions for my problem with sweet-tarts, I have decided to quit eating them altogether. If they won’t change it back the way I like it, I will quit eating them:)

  2. I too was angry when they changed the green to sour apple – In my opinion it makes the entire box taste like sour apple.

    I too have decided to stop buying them – I don’t care for sour apple. Try bottlecaps – no sour apple there (If you can find them)

  3. I just typed “I love sweet tarts” into Google and this page came up. Its 12:36am on a Monday and I am up writing this bc I realized that I made a stop at the gas station after dinner on Sunday and bought Spree, Bottle Caps, and Sweet Tarts to figure out what are the best. Just ate 6 or 7 sweet tarts and they are as good as ever.

    As far as the sour apple flavor I have to agree. They are awful. They should be lime. I normally throw them out the window when driving. I think grape is the best flavor. God are they good. I like the blue but are an acquires taste much like you hate beer the first time you try it.

    Anyway,I am 32 yrs old and love this candy as much now as when I was 10 although I do not remember the year sour apple was introduced. Anyone know?

  4. Yay! I thought I was the only one VERY UPSET that all my favorite candies have lost the lime for the green apple! Sweetarts have always been my favorite, and I remember when you could buy them in foil lined paper packages with just one flavor per package. I actually wrote to SunFoods or whatever the company is that makes them to ask why the change. They told me that their research shows that both adults and kids prefer green apple to lime. I disagree! I suggested they bring back the old flavor and single-flavor packs as a “retro” thing, limited edition, etc., but they didn’t answer that email. I like to line up all my Sweetarts and Skittles in rows by color and then eat my least favorite first– lemon, cherry, grape, then my favorite, orange. Of course, I throw away the green apple and sometimes the lemon if there are too many. If you like lime, try the giant Smarties. The green ones are more lime-like than green apple, I’m still not sure which they are.

    I hate the blue ones, too. Way too strong fruit punch flavor. Ugh! Glad to know I’m not alone on the lime issue.

    • My family thinks I am weird for lining up my candy by colors also. I am glad to know there is someone out there like that. I know more people who like the lime instead of the green apple…the research is flawed. I am with you on the retro packaging. Pepsi did it and it has been huge.

  5. Count me in as another person who can’t stand the sour apple! This seems to have happened to ALL candies (sweet-tarts, starburst, skittles, jujyfruits, etc) where the classic “citrus” flavors (lime, lemon, orange) are replaced with sour-apple, blue raspberry, fruit punch, and the like. And if they don’t replace the citrus flavors, then there are hardly any of them in the roll/box. The roll of sweet-tarts I am currently eating are about 2/3- 3/4 green and blue and about 1/3- 1/4 orange/cherry/grape. Frustrating, but it’s good to know I’m not the only one who thinks this!

  6. Sour Apple sucks. They must have done a survey using children. Only immature taste buds can appreciate that flavor. When I first tasted a green one when they made the switch I spit it out. I’m glad they took out the lemon ones in the roll which I truly detest.I like real lemons though. In the 60’s they made silver dollar sized ones in various flavors about a half inch thick in the middle. It would take me days to eat it. Grape was the softest. I like KoolAid too. I can regulate my own sugar intake. Does anyone remember a sucker made by Charms that was air puffed fruit flavored sugar with streaks of hard candy through it? It had a longer stick than the other sucker. Or how about Big Buddy bubble gum 10″x1″x1/8″ strap of goodness. I had jaw muscles like Illian from Man from Uncle. The 60’s rocked.

  7. I agree, I personally don’t like the sweet tarts either. When I want good candy, I want good candy. I actually noticed that they took away the orange sweet tarts and they replaced them with the yellow ones. This change really upsets me however I still continue to love the candy. However they took away my favorite flavor. Orange was my favorite one and anytime I buy I box of candy, I never see any orange ones in the box. I take my candy very personally. I found your blog simply by searching how I hate the green sweet tarts and your blog came up. Awesome blog by the way. Continue writing and never stop! 🙂

  8. I complained to the company and was informed that they don’t want artificial flavors, so they removed the orange ones and replaced them with lemon. My reply was, since when is candy a “health food”?

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