Reunion With Friends

While on vacation, we did something we rarely do; spend a lot of time with friends.  Vacation for the Cheney’s is usually the time that we get away and just enjoy time with our family.  This vacation, however, was different.  When some of our friends found out we were coming down, they started making arrangements to see us. 

We had alot of fun dividing our time up with different friends that we have known for years.  It was time to catch up and just share a meal together.  After the week was done, we reflected on the many meals we had with friends.  We did not have much down time, but it was a great vacation just being with friends and family.

This reunion made me hungry for Heaven.  All of our friends and family live a long way away from us.  We do not see them very often.  We stayed with some friends that we have not seen for over two years.  Others who used to be a part of our weekly lives, we have not seen in many months.  When we get to Heaven it will be different.  All the people who have had an influence on our lives and the ones we have impacted will all be there.  It will be a reunion of friends.  It is certainly something to look forward to.  Heaven will be a place where we say no more good byes.

3 thoughts on “Reunion With Friends

  1. Kenneth & I enjoyed visiting with you, Sonya, Josh and Hannah. The pictures are precious! We already miss you all. Also looking forward to see Jesus and all our friends in Heaven.

  2. Time was so short. I did good, I didn’t cry till I reached the stop sign on
    the corner. But when we really get home we could see each other as
    often as a want. It just seems strange we probably will not miss each
    other or want to see each other as often as we do her.

    It was great getting the hugs from everybody and warmed an old ladies
    heart that Hannah remembered me. I guess if things go good maybe I
    could sneak up there on a mini vacation.

    Hurry back.

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