Great Wisdom On Parenting

Today I have been catching up on my blog reading.  I found this great post on Revolutionary Parenting.  In recent months I have really been searching to be a better parent.  We have a teenager and I pray for God to keep Him during his teenage years.  Every parent of teenagers needs wisdom on how to lead in these days.  We also have a 2 years old.  I need wisdom in how to shape her into a woman of God.  Of how to be corrective and loving.  Parenting is hard work.  Pete Wilson wrote a great blog on parenting and spending time with your kids.  Hope you enjoy:

“I just finished a book which really rocked me entitled “Revolutionary Parenting“. I didn’t agree with everything in the book, but man did it get me thinking.

In the book Barna discusses the research that uncovered a number of common denominators to raising kids with a life-impacting faith.

One of the key factors which won’t surprise you is simple quality time in dialogue between parent and child. Parents who raised kids with a life-impacting faith spent between 90-120 minutes a day engaging each other.

To place that in context, the typical American family spends less than fifteen minutes of direct parent-child conversation.

This is something we’re trying to be more intentional with. When I’m at home and my kids are awake I want to be engaging with them not the…




When I pull into the garage everyday I have to say a simple prayer that goes something like this: God you know I’m tired. You know I would love to go into this house and just hide out for a few hours to recoop. But God what I’m about to do is the most important part of my day. Give me energy I don’t have. Give me wisdom I can’t find. Allow me to go in there and give the best of what I have.”

HT: Pete Wilson

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