Grandparents Are Sickening

We made it to Houston this afternoon and Hannah was especially excited.  My parents were elated to see Josh and Hannah.  What is it with grandparents anyway?  Hannah runs across the yard and my mom scoops her up with glee.  Josh approaches and my mom gives him a big hug and kiss.  I am standing next to them and my mom turns around with no acknowledgement that I am there and she walks in the house.  She then realized what she had done and turns around and says, “How are you son?”

From what I gather all grandparents have this disease.  They forget that their children bore those special grand kids.   After an hour or so, Sonya and I are being acknowledged and talked to.  I think we will go ahead and stay all week now:)

One thought on “Grandparents Are Sickening

  1. Actually parents would prefer to have grandchildren first. 🙂
    Have a great time with your parents. Looking forward to seeing you all.

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