Scripture Reading

Here is a great blog post by Mark Batterson:

“I recently mentioned that I’m falling in love with the Bible all over again. Honestly, I think reading through a one-year Bible in different translations will become an annual ritual. I feel like it sets the tone for the day. And it keeps me consistent.
Having said that let me say this: not all parts of the Bible are equally exciting. Is that ok to say? Or to put it another way, all Scripture is equally inspired but not all Scripture is equally applicable. By the way, I think I heard Andy Stanley say something or write something along those lines. Wanna give credit where credit is due.
So I just finished reading through Leviticus. And I’m not gonna lie, it’s not the easiest read in the Bible. Reading thru Leviticus is like driving thru Iowa. My apologies to all Iowans, but after a while, the flat land and corn rows can get a little mind numbing. But you’ve got to keep driving. Eventually you’ll get out of Iowa. Again, my apologies. And you’ll come to some scenic overlooks in Colorado. And honestly, it’s the flat lands of Iowa that help you appreciate the mountain ranges of Colorado.
For what it’s worth, my big take away from Leviticus was a renewed gratitude that we don’t have to make all of those sacrifices because Jesus made one sacrifice for all people for all time.”

HT: Batterson Blog

One thought on “Scripture Reading

  1. You and your family are in are daily prayers. You were correct about loving Grandparents. Remember the old say “Wish I could of had my GTrandkids first it would have been much easier!” Are something to that effect. Have a great time. See you when you’ll return.

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