image Many people bear grudges or hold hurts and do not release forgiveness to others.  This is a baggage that becomes to heavy to carry.  It is a weight that is shackled to our soul that will eventually drive us to bitterness.  I read an article by Ritchie Miller that speaks about the baggage of bitterness and the sometimes ridiculous lengths we go through to hold a grudge.  Read on:

“There were two families where I grew up who were very close. The husbands and wives were best friends. One time someone said something that was hurtful. A hurt was harbored until it turned to bitterness. They stopped speaking to each other. They stopped being friends. One day one of the families set out a row of hedges to create a barrier between the yards. Not to be outdone, the other family set out a row of trees on their side. This angered the other family so much that they built a wooden fence beside their hedges. The other family then built a bigger fence on their side. Today, if you drive past these two houses you will see the oddest looking row of giant hedges, tall trees, and fences separating two small houses. To my knowledge, they never spoke to each other again. Neither family admitted that they needed to forgive or to receive forgiveness. As a result, a relationship was lost and they became a laughingstock in the community.

There was another family that lived about two miles from where I grew up. This husband and wife just always hurt each other and they could not release it. Rather than getting divorced they decided to continue to make each other miserable. The husband bought a mobile home and put it in the front yard of the little house where they lived. He lived there until he died.

Jesus said that if we refuse to forgive neither would we receive forgiveness. In one of his parables he insinuates that a person with an unforgiving spirit will be turned over to the “tormentors.” Torment is a good word for someone living in hurt and bitterness.

Life is too short to be bitter. Release forgiveness today. It will set you free.”
HT: Ritchie Miller

2 thoughts on “unForgiveness

  1. Several years ago a young man hurt my husband and I very bad. I really
    cound not even say his name without a lot of anger coming forth. I just
    could not believe God would want me to forgive him. But in a sermon one
    sunday the preacher asked if anyone hated someone, (don’t raise your
    hand). I thought to myself, you betya I hate ——-. Then he asked if you
    hate them enough to see them in Hell. Now really that was not fair, it made me think. It bothered me for several days, I dug scriptures to see if
    I was justified in the hatred. But all I could find was I needed to forgive
    him. I saw him one day and he dodged me because he knew how I felt.
    But I caught him and told him I did not like what he did to us, but I was
    not going to hell for him, and I hoped he would find the Lord and not go to
    hell either. I still do not like to be around him but I don’t hate him. Maybe
    that would be the question we need to ask all the time. Do you hate them
    or dislike them enough to see them in hell. Sorry this is so long.

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