Hannah’s Compassion

IMG00109 Last weekend, we went to Sonya’s parents.  They have a small one room house, next to their home, that we stay in when we go and in that little house is a collection of my mother-in-laws “things”.  She is a collector of antiques and things that look like antiques.  There is one item that is quite interesting.  It is pictured to the left here.  It is a little red head girl that holds her head down like she is crying.  She looks amazingly real.

Hannah and I were hanging out in the little house and she goes over to this little girl. She puts her arm around her and says, “What’s the matter dear? Why are you crying?”  She repeated it several times (I guess expecting an answer).  Hannah was having compassion on her.

Hannah is pretty honery at times but she does have an amazing amount of compassion.  Sonya and Hannah were in the store one day and a little boy was crying in the buggy behind them, Hannah looks over and says, “What’s the matter dear?”  Then a lady in the church was crying as she spoke with us and Hannah looks up at her and says, “Why are you crying?”  Hannah has compassion!

In the world we live today there are alot of hurting people.  People are crying out for help.  Are we compassionate?  Do we care about the needs of others?  Are we too busy to stand with those who are hurting and listen to those who need to talk?

In the busyness of our society, I fear we have lost compassion.  Not because our hearts are hard, but that we have become too busy to care for one another’s needs.  Galatians 6:2, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ”  We should lift each other up.  We should stop and say every once and a while, “What’s the matter?  Why are you crying?” 

How is your compassion?

3 thoughts on “Hannah’s Compassion

  1. AWWW! Well speaking of compassion, I got sort of a glimps of Gods compassion today, cuz i was having, yet another ruff day today about the gym issue and them trying to cheat me, and so it got me upset and I cried out to God for help to help me with the hurting heart and he heard me and then there was an sence of ease to me!
    it’s like that song that says “Everyone needs compassion, a love thats neaver failing, take me as you find me”
    That song really speaks to me!!
    well I do want to thank you guys for listening to me the other day.
    have a good trip!!

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