Sectional Council

This morning was Sectional Council at Trinity Fellowship in Fayetteville.  We had a great time and heard a challenging message by Superintendent Larry Moore.  He gave us a great outline.  I might even preach it someday, of course it won’t be as good as Pastor Moore.  Here are the points of  his message “The Power To Become”:

  • You become the thoughts you think
  • You become the words you speak
  • You become the decisions you make
  • You become the company you keep
  • You become the money you spend
  • You become the love you share
  • You become the God you worship

These were some great thoughts that I went home chewing on.  What thoughts am I thinking and words am I speaking?  Do I want to become like them?  Are the decisions I have made a result of the good or bad situations I may face?

Something to think about!

One thought on “Sectional Council

  1. Hello! I want to say to this inspiring thought!! “Verry true, Verry true”!!!
    well I will see you guys tommorrow!!

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