Happy Birthday Sonya!

Vacation 2008 007   Today is Sonya’s birthday!  She is **! 

Surely Solomon was right when he wrote, “He that finds a wife finds a good thing!” “An excellent wife is the crown of her husband.”  I am fortunate to have Sonya as my crown!  I am blessed beyond measure to have a godly wife, a woman who loves me and a wonderful mother to our children.

I certainly have more than I deserve.  Happy Birthday, Smoopsy Poo!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sonya!

  1. You are right it is more than you deserve. But God knew you would need
    a lot of help. I am just glad you will admit how much you need her.

  2. Well it has been a wonderful day! I have been thinking all day on how good God has been to me these 37 years. I have been so blessed. I have a wonderful family; a daugher that should not have been possible, a son that is great and makes me proud, a husband that is a rare find and so many special friends! (and none of you coud ever be replaced).
    I have my Dad that is still with us who we would have never believed it possible for him to still be here and a mother who loves him more than ever and takes very good care of him everyday. I have wonderful inlaws that are not just inlaws but are very special to me, they are my friends and like my own mom and dad.

    Now tell me I am not blessed!

    Lord, Thank you for being sooo good to me. I truly do not deserve all you goodness!


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