Honest People

Sunday afternoon Sonya had a pretty good scare.  We were headed to Wal-Mart to get some groceries and she could not find her wallet.  She looked high and low for it but it was nowhere to be found.  She then  thought of the last place she had it.  The last place was Wal-Mart (proof that we spend too much time and money there).

We prayed!  Sonya went to customer service at the store and asked about her wallet and they had it.  The guy at the counter couldn’t guarantee everything was still in there.  Nervously, Sonya opened it up and everything was in tact.  Nothing was missing from it.  An honest person had found it and turned it in.  There are honest people left in this world.

I know there is temptation in hard economic times.  Someone could have gladly taken the money or credit cards out of the wallet and used it freely.   But not the honest person who found it!  There are many people who are honest these days.  Do not let the news or the paper fool you.  There are some dishonest people and thieves for sure, but there are alot more people who are good and honest.  I do not know who found Sonya’s wallet, but I pray God blesses them for their integrity.

2 thoughts on “Honest People

  1. One of the Wal Marts here has an elderely man who goes and checks
    buggy’s in the parking lot for purses left by woman. He is not employed
    by Wal Mart, its just something he does. My sister in law left her purse
    Saturday and he found it. He will not give his name, he says he just
    wants to help. Some people won’t take the time to help. They would
    just leave it because they don’t want to get involved. To often we seem
    to forget there are nice people around and seem to fear everyone.

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