A New Bible

scofieldMy birthday present arrived via UPS today.  A New Bible.  I am a lover of books and a collector of Bibles.  You can never have too many Bibles if you ask me.  Sonya asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told her a Bible.  She was shocked!  (Just kidding!)  Actually, I believe she thought, “Why do you need another Bible?”  So she told me to pick out the Bible I want and get it.

I have been looking at the Scofield Bible for quite a while.  It has been in print for a 100 years and is a quality study Bible with great notes.   It has a smaller scale of the chain reference system made popular in the Thompson Chain Bible.  Scofield’s notes give a sound background of the Scriptures. 

The thing I like most about a Bible is the quality of  the leather.  This version of the Scofield, produced by Oxford Press, has a good quality leather that has the feel of goatskin.  I was impressed!  You can’t beat the quality and the price on this!

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