Growing Old

Many people have a hard time with the growing old thing.  They do not like to get more wrinkles, or lose their hair.  Others do not like the thought of leaving their youth behind.  For me, getting older is not that hard.  Now granted, I am only turning 37 but I find beauty in growing old.  When we go through life as a believer,  the game of life is different.  We look at things different!

Growing older doesn’t just mean we are one step closer to death’s door.  We are not even guaranteed to grow old.  Growing older doesn’t just mean we will be getting arthritis sooner.  Growing older doesn’t mean that we have lost our zest for life or even our youth.  To me, growing older means that I am growing older in Christ.  The older I get the more mature in Christ I get.  For the believer, we are meant to grow in Christ.  So with years, comes more maturity and growth.

In the Bible you see incredible blessings when men and women of God grew older.  As Joseph and David turned thirty, their dreams were coming to pass.  Abraham and Sarah’s promise was fulfilled when they were finally in their nineties.  Anna, at the age of 84, was in the temple day and night.  Certainly, there are some good things about getting older.

I look forward to the future of life, if the Lord tarries His coming.  I am excited about the prospect of young minister’s seeking out an old man for wisdom.  I can’t wait to see how my prayer life and knowledge of the Word have grown when I am in my seventies (if I am privileged to live that long).  So on this birthday, I am looking back at my Christian life and look to see how far I have come since I gave my heart to Christ.  God has been good to me!

10 thoughts on “Growing Old

  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY> Growing old is fun. If its in the Lord then
    you have fun in knowing something better is coming soon. If its
    physically, you have fun in getting away with more things because
    people think you are old and losing it. So you get away with more
    things. Either way, growing old puts you closer to the thing you want
    the most, and thats to go home and be with the Lord forever. So
    either grow old gracefully or grow old like me, Which ever you decice.
    But enjoy your life.

    A lady just came in my office and today is her birthday to and she said
    she just turns your age around. So you have a great day.

  2. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day. Just wait until you are 60. The Lord continues to help daily. 🙂

    God bless you abundantly. Kenneth & Nancy

  3. danny I am so sorry that I didn’t remember your B-day til i read these comments, I have had a really bad day today at the doctors office, and I am struggeling with so much in my mind!
    But i will let you guys know whats up on wensday!
    But Happy Birthday!!
    please pray for me, cuz i need it more than ever!!

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