Big Church vs. Little Church

“John Brown in a letter of paternal counsels to one of his pupils newly ordained over a small congregation:

“I know the vanity of your heart, and that you will feel mortified that your congregation is very small, in comparison with those of your brethren around you; but assure yourself on the word of an old man, that when you come to give an account of them to the Lord Christ, at his judgment-seat, you will think you have had enough.”

-Mark Dever from an interview with C.J. Mahaney when asked “What single bit of counsel has made the most significant difference in your leadership?”

One thought on “Big Church vs. Little Church

  1. That really makes sense if you believe what the
    Bible teaches. Sometimes I wonder about the
    people you meet everyday and you never witness
    to them. Will we be accountable for all of those.
    Its hard to talk to everyone, on your job, in the
    super market, or any other activity you are at.
    I try to at least speak to someone maybe I should
    be trying for 2. Have a great day.

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