Christmas In February

It is a lazy Monday at the house today.  It is raining outside and the weather looks pretty dreary.  It would be a good day just to read, but Hannah is in Christmas mode.

She woke up this morning, wanting to watch Christmas movies.  Mickey Mouse Christmas, Winnie The Pooh Christmas and her favorite, Frosty the Snowman.  If it was up to Hannah, Christmas would be year-round.  So for this rainy day, we will probably hang around and watch some Christmas shows with Hannah.

Merry Christmas in February!

9 thoughts on “Christmas In February

  1. Yeah! It’s christmas time now but wait til the teen years and then she wants to go to movies and concerts, and all the stuff the teens do? LOL!! Just messing with ya’ll!!
    Merry Christmas in Febuary!!

    • If that is what happens, I will lock her in her room until she graduates:) I usually like to the look to what the future holds, but since we have had Hannah I don’t like to think about that. Raising a daughter is different than raising a boy.

  2. Well, as a teenage girl I can say that not all kids like to do all that stuff! Hannah is being riased in a god Christian home and it sounds like you guys have a lot of fun! So, as for the concerts, movies, stuff like that…i wouldn’t necessarliy( iknow that’s spelled wrong) count on it! You may not have to lock her in her room after all! LOL!!!!

    love ya lots and missin’ ya like crazy!

  3. It could be Christmas everyday if you had my
    outlook on life. I don’t mean gifts, I mean never
    growing old or acting your age. Yesterday on the
    plane a young man about 27 was watching me play
    games on the computer. He said I must be fun loving because I was having so much fun, and grinning, I like it when people want to know why
    your so happy. After that we played games together to see who could win for 1and 1/2 hrs.

    I would love to watch Christman movies with Hannah. Ship her and Josh down to me. Jost and
    I can play games on the Bed next to Hannah watching Christmas movies next to us. Ship them

    • I have always liked your outlook on life. I will not send the kids down there but how about you move up here. You can live in the spare room and be our nanny! I will take care of you when you “get old”!

  4. You are very welcome! oh and when it comes time for her to start dating…trust me her christian believe and raisings will make it ok!!!

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