Two Types of Christians

“There are two kinds of Christians.

“Sink Christians” view salvation like they would a sink. The water of salvation flows into the sink so that Christians can soak up all the benefits: eternal life, assurance in the present, strength in times of trial. Those who adopt this mindset concentrate solely on what the Bible says God has done and will do for them.

“Faucet Christians” view salvation differently. They look at the world as the sink and themselves as the faucet. The blessings of salvation flow to them in order to flow through them out to the wider world. They rightly see that the Bible describes salvation as something that God not only does for them, but also through them.”

– a quote from Trevin Wax’s forthcoming book, Holy Subversion: Allegiance to Christ in an Age of Rivals

HT: Trevin Wax

2 thoughts on “Two Types of Christians

    • In itself that is not a bad thing, however few people are both. I would say if you are more like the faucet than that is how you live your life. Water flows into a faucet from another source and then it pours out. That means we allow ourselves to be filled with God and His Word and then we share that by ministering to others. A faucet allows God to work through them. The Sink, however, keeps everything for itself and it all goes down the drain. There is nothing wrong with wanting the best from God and focusing on His promises, but there comes a time when we must give away what we have received from God.

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