Thoughts On Govt. Bailout

Today, I read some interesting thoughts about the government bailout on Between Two Worlds Blog.  It puts things in proper perspective.

“Amanda Shaw collects the numbers on the price tag for the new "stimulus" plan:
Adjusted for inflation, here are some other massive expenditures:

  • * The Marshall Plan ($115.3 billion)
  • * The space race ($237 billion)
  • * The Korean War ($454 billion)
  • * The New Deal ($500 billion)
  • * The invasion of Iraq ($597 billion)
  • * The Vietnam War ($698 billion)

So the proposed "stimulus" package costs more than the Marshall Plan, the Korean War, and the New Deal combined.
Here are some thought experiments:

  • If you took collected a $1 million per day, ever day from the birth of Christ, in 2009 you’d only be about 3/4 of the way to a trillion.
  • If you got $1 every second, it would take almost 32,000 years to get to a trillion.
  • If you stacked a trillion dollar bills on top of each other, it would go 68,000 miles into space–1/3 of the way to the moon.
  • If you took 100-dollar bills and put them side to side, it would circle the equator 38.9 times

To make things worse, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office is saying that the stimulus plan will actually make things worse long-term.”  HT: Between Two Worlds

Interesting isn’t it!  Many state governments are looking for bailout.  Businesses, government programs, people we don’t know, pork barrel projects.  I have thought about proposing a church bailout program where we could just get the tithe on the pork barrel projects.  That would equal about 40 billion dollars.  What could a church do with that kind of money? 

2 thoughts on “Thoughts On Govt. Bailout

  1. There was a fellow on Christian radio yesterday talking about this 1 trillion dollar number. He said how he really liked George Bush-but strongly disagreed with his heavy spending. He said it took Bush 8 full years to spend a trillion dollars and this guy is doing it in 2 weeks. Makes you wonder what he has in store for us down the line. God Bless our children. Bill Streepy

    • I pray for our nation to turn to God. We must bow our hearts. Our greed has gotten to us. We must especially pray for our children. Who knows where our nation will be when they grow up.

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