We  have entered a new phase of life in the Cheney household.  Hannah is coming out of her shell.  Well, she was already out of her shell, but now she’s decided she will never turn back.  I am talking about ATTENTION. 

This week she has been non-stop.  “Danny, play with me.”  “Danny, look at me.”  “Danny, c’mon. Let’s play in my room.”  Danny, get up!”  “Danny…Danny…Danny”  For those of you who are new readers, my daughter often calls me by my first name.

I have deduced that Hannah likes attention at home.  I know she gets alot of attention already but she seems to want more.  When she calls out my name and wants me to play, it is her way of asking to spend quality time with her.

As parents, our children need our attention.  Even when we have spent a long day at the office and we are tired, they still crave the affection and attention of their parents.  Our children need us!  Parenting is often a sacrifice.  Kids do not always understand how hard our day was at the office.  They do not always understand that we are tired and need some down time.  All they know is they want some more of your time.

On many occasions I have sat in the living room while Hannah plays on the floor.  I will be watching a little TV and Hannah calls out, “Danny, sit down here with me.”  She not only wants attention, but undivided attention.  There is a huge difference there.

Here is the fact of life for today.  Parents often work 8-10 hours a day, sometimes more.  Most of the time, working parents only have 4-5 hours in the evenings to spend with their children.  Out of those after work hours, how many are spent giving attention to children?  We have so many things to do in the after hours (cleaning house, washing clothes, paying bills, yard work etc.) that we do not have much time left for quality family time.  That is why our children are looking for attention. Many of these things cannot be helped, it is the way of life in today’s society, but how can we make more time for our kids?

Only you know how to adjust your life to spend more time with your children.  I am quickly finding out that time goes by fast and before you know it, time is gone.  Find away to spend at least one quality, undivided hour each night with your kids.   They need you.

6 thoughts on “Attention

  1. How sweet that she even wants to spend time with you. Some children would rather do anything
    but spend time with their parents. They want just
    their video games so they can beat the next level.
    But even after she is grown this will live on. My
    2 have begun to spend more and more time now,
    maybe they think I am getting old and won’t be around much longer. Whatever the reason I am enjoying it. Give Hannah a kiss from me and Josh
    a hug. Have a blessed day.

    • I am glad your kids are spending more time with you. I had prayed for that for a while. I am thankful that Hannah loves me and wants time with me. I know it may not always be the case.

      Josh has one question though, “How come Hannah gets a kiss and he only gets a hug?”

  2. Well I will change it to ask Sonya to give Josh a
    kiss from me. I thought it was a man thing. Don’t forget to pray for me this weekend I leave on my trip at 3 in the morning.

  3. You & Sonya are extra good parents and spend quality time with your children. That’s wonderful you’ve learned that when they are young. Our youngest is 29, middle one almost 37 and seems like only yesterday we had our first child. Our grandchildren are growing up too quickly. Can you imagine no ‘time’ in eternity? Nancy

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