Watch Your Back

I remember when I was growing up I had and enemy.  It was a guy who I did not get along with and I would constantly antagonize him with my smart mouth.  I know you would never think it of me, but I had a sarcastic and sharp tongue.  One day, I was spouting off to my enemy and he said a few simple words, “You better watch your back.”  And yes, he made good on his promise, no matter how painful it was to me.

In a spiritual sense, we have an enemy as well, who says the same thing, “Watch your back!”  He is looking for ways to devour you.  The devil does not like the child of God and will ensnare him any way he can.  That is why we must truly watch our back to make sure that we are not caught off guard.

I read an interesting passage in Nahum chapter 2, “ The one who scatters has come up against you.  Man the fortress, watch the road; Strengthen your back, summon all your strength.”

Nahum is relating this to an enemy of the nation but in the spiritual sense we can learn how to guard ourselves:

1.  Man the fortress

I see this as guarding the heart.  The fortress of our soul.  We must be diligent to guard ourselves from temptation and never leave our post.

2.  Watch the road

Pay attention!  Be alert!  Watch for the entrapments of our enemy.  Make sure you do not get ambushed.

3.  Strengthen your back

Not only do we need a hedge of protection, but we need someone to stand with us.  We need accountability and to surround ourselves with strong believers who can be our rear guard.  Standing together is better than standing alone.  Solomon said, “Two are better than one.”

4.  Summon all your strength

Sometimes the battle gets so intense that you have to use up all your strength.  You have to muster up courage and strengthen yourself in the Lord.  Our strength comes from Him. 

These are things to keep in mind when you are going through the heat of the battle.  Stand ready.  Having done all to stand, stand!  No weapon formed against us shall prosper.  When the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him.  God is on our side.  If you will do these things, God will help you fight your battles.

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