What Is Leadership?

“Leadership is found in becoming the servant of all” – Richard Foster

Too often as leaders we forsake the true calling of what leadership is.  We become built up with pride rather than lowered in humility.  We struggle for power, when it is meekness that is needed.  We want to be served rather than to serve.  Everything we want to become is contrary to what Christ came for.  In fact, it was Christ who said, “I have not come to be served but rather to serve.”

If the Master came to serve others then that is what we must do.  Leadership is not about being over people.  Leadership is not about having others follow us.  Leadership is not about being in charge.  Leadership is service.  Leading people through servanthood, example and humility.  Sure, leadership means that someone is at the top, but it is the attitude of our leadership that counts.  Respect is earned not demanded. 

I challenge every leader, to serve others.  Let us take Christ’s example to be servant’s of all and lead through servanthood.

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