Books: Can You Have Too Many?

When we moved in October, I noticed a major habit that I have formed.  I love books.  The more the better.  After unloading 13 boxes of books, Sonya challenged us to not buy any more books.  To me that is worse than fasting.  It is not that she is against reading, but that we no longer have any room for more books.  But I cannot live without books.  We go to the used book stores.  For relaxation I look at www.christianbook.comand dream of the next books I will buy.  My wish list on christianbook is 2 pages long.  I have been looking for used commentaries on eBay.  Is there any end to this habit?

But then I read a quote on the journey blog.  It helped relay my feelings about books.  It is an old quote from a 15th century scholar:

“When I have a little money, I buy books. If any is left over, I buy food and clothes.”  ~ Erasmus

This describes my condition in a nutshell!

5 thoughts on “Books: Can You Have Too Many?

  1. I just have a question for Judy: Do you just play on your computer all day a t work, I’ve noticed you always comment during work hours.

  2. That has nothing to do with reading books. HAHA
    I can only use the internet at work because since
    the storm I do not have it at home. I don;t smoke
    so I can’t take a smoke break, I don’t drink coffee but with breakfast so I don’t take a coffee
    break. So I take Internet breaks and cause trouble for your dad. Its more fun. Don’t let him
    blackmail you on the secret I know, you can always come live with me and the tailless cat and
    become a democrate and a Dallas Cowboy Fan.

  3. Have you read The Shack? It’s very eye opening. People have different opinions of this book but I enjoyed reading it. If you’d like to get rid of your books – we’ll make room for the books over here. Did you know that there is a Dallas Cowboy store in Parkdale Mall?

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