End of Fast

When a 21 day fast is over, the first major decision to make is, “where do we eat?”  The fast has been a great experience for our church family.  Dozens of people have joined together to seek God’s heart for RFA.  We celebrated communion today and then broke the fast.  It was a great ending to these 21 days of fasting. 

As I was coming in the sanctuary for service today someone handed me a package of Oreos with a bow on it.  It pays to be the senior pastor:)  They took care of me because I told them of the temptation I had with giving Hannah cookies the other night.  I prevailed over eating a cookie and my reward was a whole bag of Oreos.  God is good!

I hear of many plans for the first few meals after the fast.  Some were going to Burger King, others to Braum’s for Ice Cream.  Many were going to Golden Corral and then others, steak dinner at home.  The Cheney’s end of fast meal is tomorrow at Chili’s.  The Cajun Ribeye, medium rare for me.  I can’t wait!

I have enjoyed these season of fasting and prayer because of what it has done in our church family.  When we all are doing the same thing, it brings us closer together because we identify with each other.  This is only the beginning.  We will find many projects and plans to work together on in the future.

8 thoughts on “End of Fast

  1. What a great surprise I had when I read the church bulletin. I had a very boring lunch planned and was not looking forward to it at all. I have to admit my mind wondered several times from the service to the question of lunch plans. Sorry to admit that. Maybe next time you should just announce it at hte end of service for us ADD and weak people. LOL
    I have been wanting to talk to you about the nursery for about 2 weeks and have not took the time to bring it up…so when you get a few extra minutes feel free to call me.
    Thanks, Dana

  2. Thought of you last night at IHop. Remember a few blogs back when you said you HAD no secrets.
    Well being the nice person I am I will not reveal
    your secret. But if any one is interested they can
    ask on your blog. I will be glad to reveal.

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